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The Secret Life of W.A. Marine Turtles

Tomorrow evening at 7 pm, Dr Kellie Pendoley will answer all the burning turtle-related questions that keep you up at night!

  • How long do turtles live for?
  • How old are turtles before they breed for the first time?
  • How do turtle hatchlings find their way back to the beaches they were born on?
  • Why do baby turtle’s hatch from their eggs 1-2 days before they emerge from the nest?
  • Why do they almost always emerge from the sand at night?
  • How do we know that hatchlings in the bottom of a nest will usually be males while hatchlings at the top are usually females?
  • How do baby turtles find the ocean, where do they go once they reach the ocean, and how do they know which direction to swim?
  • Where do young turtles go during their “lost years” while growing up from hatchlings to dinner-plate sized juvenile turtles?
  • How long do the “lost years” last and where do they live when they reappear?
  • How selective are breeding adults in choosing a mate?