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Solutions for effective Oil Spill Response

coverpage AOG Feb 2015

Pendoley Environmental featured its Oiled Wildlife and Oil Spill Response capabilities in the February 2015 edition of Australian Oil & Gas (AOG) Review.

In a special article in the 'Opinion and Analysis' section of the publication, Pendoley Environmental describes its Oiled Wildlife Planning and Response capabilities. In addition to a fully trained network of carers and the capacity to deploy within 24 hours in the event of an emergency, Pendoley Environmental has developed a custom-built software tool to identify areas of relative priority in the event of a spill.

The tool allows oil spill contingency planners or responders to engage industry and community stakeholders in the development of ‘Oil Vulnerability Indices’ prior to an event.

As a software-based solution, it removes potential bias associated with those who may have a vested interest or emotional connection to various environmental attributes. Simple to use, it removes the need to understand, in detail, the risk assessment process and sound statistical basis of the process, providing the client with an objective analysis and interpretation of the relative value of environmental sensitivities or attributes.

The assessment occurs prior to the event, allowing the client to include all relevant stakeholders in the assessment prior to an event. This brings peace of mind to the client, their stakeholders, and the public, and provides for smooth and targeted management of oil spill impacts in the event of a crisis.

This edition of the Australian Oil & Gas Review will be circulated at the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (AOG) expected to attract 630 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors this year.